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Are you happy today? Feel like sharing your happiness among others?

The site happyclick.me was created exаctly for this purpose. Click on the button “I’m Happy” and share your joy!

There is a map of happy people around the world. Each orange circle is somebody’s click. You can see on the world map where each happy user clicked on the Happy button today.

When you click the button a smiley icon appears on the screen - this is yours.

Your boost of joy will last for the next 24 hours from the time you clicked. The smiley icon indicates that you clicked on the button within the last 24 hours. If you don’t see it then it’s time to recharge yourself and the rest of the world with happiness.

We hope you’ll find yourself among the Happy Map users every day and enjoy the growth of the Happy People community.

It is important to allow tracking of your geo-location when the browser asks you. When you enter the site from your computer or mobile device there is an OK button on the top or bottom of your browser. This is for the correct placement of your smilie icon only. If the geo-location service is denied your icon will appear on the zero point on the map (somewhere near Guinea).

Any help with translation to other languages will be very appreciated.
Feel free to send us your suggestions and good wishes to email: